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Termites have a reputation for destruction that is well-earned. They feed on cellulose from any wood or wood by-products they come across, from fallen trees to paper products to wood construction in houses. These tiny pests damage more homes each year than hurricanes, fires and tornadoes combined. Most homeowners insurance does not cover Termite Damage Repair, so call us today to get your home evaluated. Termite swarms can look like ant swarms, so if you are seeing any of this activity, save a few and give us a call for us to come out and evaluate your home.


  • Remove all wood debris that is in contact with the soil
  • Store fire wood away from house and off the ground
  • Fix any leaks in pipes and drains
  • Make sure drainage from the roof is directed away from the house
  • Insulate home well to reduce condensation from temperature gradients
  • Replace mulch that is close to the home with gravel
  • Schedule yearly termite inspections for your home